Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

EGT Academy is committed to meet the extraordinary quality and safety expectations that help create differentiated advantages for our learners and other beneficiaries. In doing so, we strive to provide high-quality service offerings that are inherently safe, and responsible.

EGT Academy is Responsible – “Zero Harm Culture”, “Support the Society”, “Maintain the Intellectual property”

• We demonstrate an uncompromising commitment to the protection of the health and safety of our staff, subcontractors, learners, and other beneficiaries.
• We support the society as a part of our social reasonability activities through different programs which match the labor market needs.
• We maintain the intellectual property in a good manner which protect the copyrights of our organization and partners.

EGT Academy strives to be Unique in Class – “Operational Excellence is our Sustainability Driver”

• We achieve customer satisfaction through the Siemens energy and EGT Academy quality principles, our high-quality training services, knowledgeable and well-trained staff, and standardized processes, all of which are communicated with our learners and other beneficiaries expectations.
• We leverage best practices, synergies, and local resources to achieve and sustain the world-class quality of our training services and people.
• We achieve continuous improvement through a culture of openness and trust.
• We cooperate with authorities and customers to conform to legal and contractual requirements.

EGT Academy is Innovative – “Our Professional People are the Differentiator

Our value proposition states: “We provide the highest customer benefit by delivering leading-edge training services enabled by our people”.

People are the foundation of our innovation. Therefore:

• We engage all interested parties in an open dialogue about our EOMS activities.
• We improve our employees’ EOMS knowledge and competency through training, and teamwork.
• We require all employees, suppliers, and sub-contractors to adhere to the highest EOMS professional and ethical standards.