Basic Operation of Digital Circuits


Basic Operation of Digital Circuits

This training deals with the theoretical and practical fundamentals of digital signal processing. The training covers the different number systems, basic digital logic gates and to some extent the foundations of Boolean algebra used in digital signal processing, it proceeds with investigating the behavior and rules of digital logic gates connected to circuits of "Combinational Logic". The last part of this training covers the area of the Sequential Logic Basic Circuits. The training will be conducted in the Laboratory, using modern didactic teaching equipment, using measuring instruments to check and measure digital logic levels, by use of circuit diagrams, truth-tables and the rules of Boolean Algebra.

Course Content:
- Logic gates
- Simplification of Boolean equations
- Logic families
- Flip-Flop
- Schmitt-trigger
- Counters
- Codes
- Decoders
- Comparators
- Adders
- A/D-converters
- D/A-converters
- Fault finding and repairs
- Practical exercises

Course Outcomes:
- Employ multi-meters, function generators, oscilloscopes and frequency counters
- Apply Boolean equations during design of digital electronic circuits
- Describe the design, characteristics and application of digital circuits
- Design and assemble sequential logic circuits
- Carry out systematic fault finding and repairs

- Electronic background

Price for students:
750EGP including the daily transportation and daily lunch

Payment Method:
COMEC Company
Address: 12 Abo Elmaatty Street, Agouza-Giza-Egypt
Phone: 01282139897 - 01090126988
COMEC is open: Saturday-Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm


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    Formative Automation (FA)
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    750 EGP
  • Special price for students and fresh graduates

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