Production of Simple Items Using Turning Machines


Production of Simple Items Using Turning Machines

This course describes the skills, knowledge and attitudes required by a mechanical technology and maintenance technician to produce components on a turning machine with tolerance 0. 1 mille meter (0. 1 mm). This includes planning for work, machining components, quality checking machined components and reporting machine malfunctions. The turning machine operations include turning, knurling, facing, centre drilling, boring and chamfering and the cutting of internal & external threads. By the end of the course, the participant can prepare for turning machine operations, perform turning machine operations, quality check machined work, report turning machine malfunctions and complete work and clean up.

Course Outcomes:
- Occupational safety and health precautions during and after operating the machine
- Symbols and technical terms for the turning field
- Turning Machine / its specifications / accessories and the function of each part
- Vernier foot / uses / design theory
- Cutting tools / angles / types
- Methods of working the negation / advantages and disadvantages of each method
- Operating conditions of cutting speed / cutting / feeding depth
- Executing general turning skills such as turning, fairness, plucking, gouache, and tartar

- Mechanical background

Price for students:
750EGP including the daily transportation and daily lunch

Payment Method:
COMEC Company
Address: 12 Abo Elmaatty Street, Agouza-Giza-Egypt
Phone: 01282139897 - 01090126988
COMEC is open: Saturday-Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm


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    Formative Mechanical (FM)
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    750 EGP
  • Special price for students and fresh graduates

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