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Oriented towards a “Learner-Centered” approach, where trainees are considered the core of the learning process; EGT Academy ensures a teaching style that relies on maximizing the benefits of learning through practical approach. Trainers at EGT Academy are highly passionate and are regarded as coaches and valued moderators. Through extensive technical study and group oriented activities, trainees will implicitly gain other necessary skills for their advancement in EGT Academy’s program. By honing the field’s essentials in the areas of communication, team work, negotiation practice and project management, the academy is able to leverage learners to the desired learning outcomes, in the most efficient way.


EGT Academy adopts a Competence-based Assessment Model, where each training module comes with pre-set entry-requirements, varying according to the nature and level of the module.” Our trainees are subject to a Competence-based Assessment Test that proves their ability to join the respective module, presented in the form of a written test, one-on-one interview, or a practical test. The Competence-based Assessment Test can be carried out on-site at EGT Academy or in-house at the customer facility depending on the type of test and the relevant necessary testing media e.g. tools and equipment.


With a diverse range of conventional equipments and a variety of machinery and tools; EGT Academy follows highly advanced technological trends that are tailored into each and every course offered. The labs reshape learning trends by incorporating both virtual reality and a dedicatedly safe, hands on approach.


EGT Academy industry certificate is recognized globally and will be offered for all Siemens standard courses, including other reputably certified bodies offering their own certification for non-Siemens related courses.


EGT Academy is a state-of-the-art Occupational Academy established in a Strategic Alliance between Siemens Technologies S.A.E and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), aimed at enriching Egypt’s talent pool of Technicians and Engineers. The 36,000 m2 Facility is strategically located in Ain Sokhna Egypt - Suez Canal Industrial Cluster (SIDC) – and is set to support the country’s economic growth in the Suez Canal Zone; while supplying Egypt’s prospective industrial expansion with the needed skilled workforce.

Built within Siemens Service and Repair Facility, the Academy will give way for an optimum Dual-Vocational approach, where trainees are able to experience real-life hands-on situations, complimenting both theoretical and practical aspects. 

With two main “industry-specific” domains, the Academy focuses on Energy and Industry Automation alongside basic Mechanical, Electrical, and Automation engineering as “Formative” training. The program aims to qualify both Engineers and Technicians, from beginner level, all the way through to an established professional level.

In collaboration with its Network Partners, EGT Academy will provide innovative, global standard learning and education solutions across Egypt, still with accessible prices.


The EGT Academy offers training in two main sectors; encompassing both Energy and Industry Automation sectors, as two separate “Industry-specific” schools. The Academy adopts a modular curriculum approach, whereas programs are structured around a series of customizable learning modules or sequences, facilitating a more flexible and personalized learning environment. 

Considered as ground level or “Formative” stream, EGT Academy offers training in the areas of basic mechanical, electrical and automation engineering, including interdisciplinary domains such as: Digitalization, soft skill development and data analytics, etc. Trainees are encouraged to partake in ground-level/foundation training, in order to meet the necessary qualification to advance into either one of EGT Academy’s Industry-specific schools. Programs at the Academy can range from a short few-day courses to a yearlong educational program. 


EGT Academy sets the standard for high-level industrial Education and Training in Egypt and the region; raising the competence of Technicians and Engineers through market-oriented occupational training that meets global standards and continuously responds to the market demand for the enhancement of both employability and employment.


EGT Academy strives to offer high quality education and training programs that shape the future of work in Egypt and the region in a dynamic and innovative ecosystem.


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