Production of Ingenious Items Using Turning Machines


Production of Ingenious Items Using Turning Machines

This describes the skills, knowledge and attitudes required by a mechanical technology and maintenance technician to produce ingenious components on a turning machine with tolerance 1 micro-meter (1 um). This includes high precision work, machining components, quality checking machined components and micro-meter measurement & calibration. Calibrate the turning machine. The turning machine operations include speed and feed correlation, standard mam drill, acentric turning machine, cutting rectangular shape, taper turning and multi-start thread. By the end of the course, the participant is able to perform micro-meter measurement and calibration, perform internal turning operations on different workpiece material, produce precise machined items, use acentric function and perform multi-start internal and external thread.


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    Formative Mechanical (FM)
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  • Price:
    2000 EGP
  • Special price for students and fresh graduates

  • Transport:
    50 EGP per day
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